Signs of Infertility in Women and Men :

Sometimes infertility can cause alarms in both men and women. If we capture these cues and sort it out with immediate medical intervention, we can defeat the deadly foe without much complications and much hassles. Some of the common signs in both men and women are:

In women:

Irregular periods: The average menstrual cycle of a woman is 28-32 days long. If the woman’s cycle vastly varies from this, it can be considered that is she is suffering from irregular periods. Irregular periods can be caused due to hormone issues or polycystic ovarian syndrome that can cause infertility.

Painful or heavy periods: If the pain during periods interferes with daily life, it may be symptoms of a condition called endometriosis which needs medical attention.

Hormone fluctuations: If you experience excessive hair growth in the face, thinning of hair, excessive weight gain or reduced sex drive you might be suffering from hormone fluctuations which need to be addressed.

No periods: Stress or  heavy workout can cause periods to stop for a while, but if it recurs on a continuous note you might be suffering from infertility.

Painful sex: Endometriosis and hormonal dysfunction can cause painful sex in certain woman which needs medical help.

In Men:

Reduction in sexual desire: Hormonal disturbances can cause changes in virility and sex drive. This needs medical diagnosis.

Pain in testicles or swelling: Many conditions can cause pain in the testes so consult a doctor for further help.

Problems in maintaining erection: Premature ejaculation can cause problems in conceiving. Maintaining erection for long can also cause infertility issues which needs to be corrected.

Smaller and firm testes: Testes is the house of sperms and structural change in it can cause infertility changes in men, who consult your doctor on this issue and subject to a physical examination.

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