Neha was throwing a fit of tantrum because of her pregnancy kit didn’t prompt two lines even this time. She was emotionally wrecked and inconsolable. She cried all night and decided to visit the doctor the next morning. India, the land that shocks outlanders with a whopping 1.5 million births a month also shows a data of 27.5 million couples who suffer from infertility.

As we ponder what could be the reason for this sudden surge in infertility. Researchers say, unhealthy lifestyles and  delaying to start a family might be the two predominant causes. On exploring the unhealthy lifestyles, we find most of youngsters today, indulge in heavy calorie laden foods that are hazardous to health. These eating habits make them obese and susceptible to conditions such as PCOS & endometriosis that can trigger infertility.

Youngsters today, are also highly prone to consumption of alcohol, nicotine and other substances which are fatal for their fertility. Another intriguing fact is erratic living seen in young adults also contribute to rise of contagious sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis that disrupts fertility both in men and women.

In India, fertility in generally is considered as a female borne problem, but researchers say fertility in women accounts to only 40% of the problem. While men account to 30% of the cause. In such a situation, will Neha alone visiting the doctor help in sorting her tears?

Absolutely no, it is mandatory for both the partners who are struggling to conceive for more than a year to consult a fertility expert. For all the possibilities in the world, Neha might have a healthy ovulation and the problem could be with her husband Rakesh who is a chronic smoker.

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