Though it is widely said that 21-29 is the ideal age to have a baby, there is nothing to worry if you are at your early thirties. Just follow the 7 essential steps listed below to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby thereafter.

  1. Make a visit to the gynecologist and tell the doctor about your plans of having a baby. Let the doctor counsel you and your spouse and take you through the entire protocol before you begin your conception process.
  2. High maternal age is the main cause of several genetic disorders, so get yourself and your spouse screened well for these conditions. If you have had a consanguineous marriage or there is a history of genetic disorders in your family, a profound genetic carrier screening is a must.
  3. Nevertheless the minute you start your process of trying to conceive make sure that both you and your spouse quit smoking, doing drugs and wean the consumption of alcohol. This will aid you to produce good quality eggs and sperms all ready for conception of a healthy baby.
  4. Maintaining your weight is another important feature of this process. Mere cutting down of calories and sugars will off course help you go a long way in this effort of chopping weight down.
  5. Understand your body better, try to know when you are ovulating in a month. On the days a woman is ovulating her body temperature will be slightly higher than normal. Some women also undergo watery white discharges and slight discomfort in the right or left lower abdomen during ovulation.
  6. Now that you are trying for a baby make sure you give up on your intake of oral contraceptive pills that can alter your hormones.
  7. Make sure you are not anxious. Keep yourself relaxed and calm by indulging in regular deep breathing practices and catching up enough sleep. Worrying cannot change a thing so remaining emotionally stable is very essential to conceive.

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