How to take care of your IVF pregnancy?

Conceiving through IVF is like all your prayers have been answered. After years of futile tries and months of doctor visits, the stars have turned to your favour enabling you to step into your initial phase of parenthood. Unlike a normal pregnancy, if you have conceived with the assistance of any form of assisted reproductive techniques, you should be extremely scrupulous.

What are the precautions you should take for a safe and healthy IVF pregnancy?

  • Make sure you adhere to the supplements and medications suggested by the doctor with utmost diligence
  • Refrain from toxic habits like smoking and drinking during pregnancy
  • Try to eat a nutritious diet that subsumes loads of fruits, veggies and whole grains
  • Do not exhaust yourself too much, get enough bouts of rest whenever needed
  • If ever you encounter, any alarming episodes of spotting, cramps, lower abdomen pain, seek your doctor immediately.
  • Mild spotting might be encountered during the initial implantation phase but if this extends, kindly follow it up with your doctor. Generally doctors at a standardised fertility centre will guide you on the red flags you should raise a siren to them. To get in touch with one of India’s world-class IVF centres:
  • For any pregnancy that is made possible by assisted reproductive techniques intercourse throughout pregnancy is a strict ‘no’ or at least till the completion of the first trimester of pregnancy when you are more prone for miscarriages
  • Ensure you get all your tests as directed by your doctor. One of the most important screening process an IVF pregnancy should never skip is detection of chromosomal conditions such as Down’s syndrome
  • Talking about prenatal tests and antenatal scans help in examining the heart rate of the baby, development, gestational sac and also detect possibilities of miscarriage
  • If your doctor shows green, it is good for a pregnant mom to get some mild intensity aerobic activity for herself to keep herself fit during the journey.

Apart from coherence to the above said guidelines,  it is good for every mother to stay positive and hopeful. Warding off unnecessary anxiety and negativity can help her grow and birth a healthy baby.

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